Monday, September 13, 2010

4 Years Later...

Four years later and I'm married with my own home. Crazy.

Actually, I just got married last weekend. My husband is super awesome. We've been engaged since Christmas and decided to go ahead and make it official because I needed insurance. I got a new job that is really great and will look awesome on my resume, but it's for a small company that can't afford to provide me with health insurance. We decided that the best thing for me to do would be to accept the job and get married- since Alex has the best insurance I've ever seen.

And now we are happily married. Well- mostly happily married. One problem remains. His stepmother is a psychotic demon woman. And I use the term woman loosely. (cuz she looks like a dude. Ha!) Anyhow, because we were married by a judge, it's not a marriage- just a legal thing. (her words, not mine.) Because we did it with short notice and didn't ask her permission first, we are bad kids- 28 and 31 year old kids.

And now that we are planning the reception, she NEEDS to be involved, although I'm not sure why as she's not blood related to either of us and she doesn't seem to like us very much. My parents are paying for the reception with no help from his parents, but they think they need to be a part of it. Alex's dad actually told me that "traditionally, both sets of parents and the couple sit down and work it out." I'm pretty sure that's not a tradition. I think traditionally, the bride's parents pay for most of it. Right? Anyhow, shortly after arranging to have all three couples meet up and talk it out, his parents plan a big family reunion. Guess when? The weekend we are trying to set our reception date for. That's a weird coincidence. They knew we wanted it in October. And they now have plans for two of the weekends in October.

So what do we do? It's such short notice, we will have trouble scheduling anything as it is. And now we have more restrictions from them.

Sigh. But it's good to be back- even if no one's reading this and I'm only venting to the open air. It's still good.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Drunken Conversation

Last night, LJ and I went out to our bar, Dr. J's. We got there kind of late, about midnight. (We had been watching Raising Helen until then.) But we figured, it's a good way to save money if you're only at the bar for 2 hours, right? Well, it is. But it's so awkward being the sober ones. I mean, I'm not normally completely wasted, but usually I do have a good buzz going on all night. Well, we were the only 2 sober ones there. Drunk people are morons! I ended up getting sort of buzzed by 2:30 but not very much.

Anyways... I wanted to tell you the conversation I overheard. It was between Mr. H and his pizza delivery boy.

Mr.H: (super drunk) Hey pizza boy! You're walking the wrong way.
(Pizza Boy gets sad look on face, turns around and walks towards door. The smiles and turns around and goes by Mr. H. hehe.)
Pizza Boy: Hey man. What's up.
Mr.H: You know what? You guys make great pizza.
PB: Yea, we do.
Mr.H: I love your pepperoni. They're like the best pepperoni in the world.
PB: Yea, I know. That's because we hand slice them.
Mr.H: I totally knew that! You know how I know? Because hand sliced pepperoni always curl up at the edges after you bake them. That's how you can tell.
PB: Right? That's totally right.
(Conversation continues!)

The thing that cracks me up is, I've never met this guy before. So, they can't be super good friends or anything. But there they were... talking about pepperoni.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

I'm hardcore pissed.

H totally schooled me in Risk. Seriously. That's not cool. I know it's just a game, but I'm super pissed right now. I can't even look at her right now without getting pissed off. She sits there all smug, even though she's weak as shit and any of the other players could totally take her. And than, she gets all 5 of my cards! @#$#@!%# (If you could only be inside my head, it's so much worse. I know, shut up. I'm a real sore loser.) The thing that kills me is, I was actually pretty strong. She took it upon herself to make alliances with everyone else just to get the kill. Bullshit. I don't think I can play this game anymore. Fucking motherfucker.

PS. I'm just kidding about not playing anymore. I heart you Risk!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Take this job and shove it.

Wow. It's been a whole week since I last posted. I keep trying and right as I'm hitting the post button, my computer freezes. No seriously.

Today at work I found out that I get to take a mandatory one week non paid vacation this month. Plus! I don't get to choose what week it is! It's completely random. FUN! (And by "fun" I mean "what the hell kind of a moron made this decision? I need my goddamn money to f-ing survive bitches!")

Yea, I was pissed when I found out. I mean, yes, I do hate my job more than anything. But, I still need to get paid. Am I right? Am I the only person in the world who lives paycheck to paycheck here? It's a good thing I just got my job back at Target. So for the summer at least, I can work close to full time. Maybe Target (aka the good job) will let me work a few extra days the week I have off to make up for it.

Once school starts, I'm going to have to make some decisions here about this whole customer service deal. To help me out, I'll make a pro/con list. (But since I'm not too good at computering, It might look sort of lame.)

Pro: I can do homework/study when I'm not on a call.
Con: I hate my job there.
Pro: I get paid a lot of money and have to do very little work.
Con: No seriously, I hate my job there.
Pro: I can drink coffee all day at my desk.
Con: I have to talk to people from New Jersey on a daily basis. (I hate New Jersey more than I hate my job.)
Pro: I get my very own cubicle that I can decorate any way that I want. (even though I haven't because I'm lazy. Well, I did put up a picture of me and J. Aww!)
Con: Not only do I hate my job, but for the most part, I hate the people I work with. There's this girl who sits sort of next to me that I absolutely cannot stand. Just thinking about her makes me want to growl. (grrr...)
Pro: I can play on the internets all day.
Con: The man took away my access to almost all the blogs I read. Stupid the man.
Pro: I'm out.
Con: Yea, me too.

Alright. So there you go. I'd take a vote, but I know only about 2 people read this and it would end up being a tie anyways.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Brother Bear

I just finished watching Brother Bear. I swear to jebus that movie had the funniest scene I have ever seen. I'll go over it soon. But first, I wanted to point out some other rockin' aspects of this movie.

Ok, first, it's animated. That's a 2 thumbs up right there. (And might I add, it's hand drawn. None of this computer animation bullshit.)

Second, there are 2 moose (mooses? meece?) in the movie for comic relief or something. But the cool thing is, they're voiced by Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas. You know... the guys from Strange Brew? And they do the same sort of accent. It was great.

Third, it's about bears. I love bears.

Ok. So the funny scene... I'll try to explain it the best I can. It actually wasn't a scene but a clip/outtake at the end of the movie when they were rolling credits. It was animated though... but in the outtake style I guess. Ok, here goes:

Big Bear and Little Bear are looking at a wall of ice. It has sort of a funhouse mirror effect. They look all goofy and they're making faces. The camera is focused on the wall of ice. Then, an unknown bear shows up... only he looks like a normal bear. He's not distorted. He starts to laugh at his reflection. BBear and LBear look at him and give the "what the f" expression. The camera turns around to look at all 3 bears directly and the unknown bear is all goofy looking in real life.

Haha. I laughed at that for probably 15 minutes... rewinding and rewatching. It was so funny. I'm sure it's funnier if you actually see it. I probably didn't do it justice. But, seriously yo, you should totally rent that movie. It's adorable.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Wisconsin summers suck

Here in old Wisconsin we have a little thing called humidity. And boy does it suck! I mean seriously, how much more can we take? (I know. I know. The whole country is dealing with some pretty wicked heat. But I'm in Wisconsin. It's supposed to be cooler up here... Right?)

After spending the day at Art off the Park with H and her mom (I bought some awesome smelling hand made soap and a really pretty coral sponge necklace...) we decided we needed to cool down a little bit. How did we do this? By heading over to Magnum's house and going in her hot tub!

Surprisingly, it worked out really well. The hot tub was so hot that when we got out it felt cool outside. We also watched The Girl Next Door. That's a cute movie... but there's a lot of nakedness in it. It seems like it's a total guy movie. Because I saw plenty of boobs but I did not see one penis. Not even a buff, shirtless man. Pfft! Totally made for the boys.

Other than that... I'm just waiting for J to call me now. I haven't talked to him for a few days. I still miss him. (single tear)

Good night!

Kids Are So Cute

Yesterday, I hung out with LJ and her niece and nephew. Those kids are hilarious. We went to Dairy Queen after dinner to get some ice cream. Her niece got an ice cream cone and I got a strawberry sundae. Here's the conversation:

Shanghai: Don't you like the cone part?
Niece: No.
Shanghai: Why don't you try it? I'm sure you'll like it.
Niece: Ok fine. I will if you eat your dish. (my plastic ice cream dish)

I was sort of stunned at that because she's only 5 I think. But then, me and LJ started busting out laughing. It was pretty cute.

Want to hear another cute kid story??? YOU DO?! Ok! Here it is.

On Thursday, LJ and I went to the humane society to pick up her new kitten. (She let me name it btw. It's name is Sophie the Tank- because I've always thought black cats should be named Tank. And when I got my black cat she was already named and 5 years old so I just didn't feel right changing Miss Maui's name. Sigh.)

Ok. Anyhow. We took the kitten to my brother's house so my 2 year old nephew, Max, could see her. He was so excited. I don't think he's been around little baby kittens before. My brother has 2 cats but they're huge. Seriously, huge. They're like the size of 2 normal cats smushed together.

So Max was all excited to see the little kitten. He'd follow it around saying "What's that kitty doing?" Only, his k's sound like t's. So it actually sounded like "What's that titty doing?" Hehehehe. It was adorable.

And I'm done talking about kids. (If I had kids, I probably would not think any of this stuff was even remotely entertaining. I guess it's a good thing I don't.)

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Dear Blogger,

We are officially in our first fight ever. As soon as you let me post something, besides this, the fight will be over.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.